Ever since I became an educator over 2 years ago, I have evolved as a person. My perceptions of my life and the world around me and some  beliefs that I have held in my heart have undergone a gradual yet significant transformation.


“What I see is not what it really is”

Observing children has opened up so many avenues for learning for me. Children, with their innocence and spontaneity have and are impacting my thoughts,  emotions, words and actions.


“Every behavior has a purpose.”

This has gone deep into my learning conciousness and will stay with me through my journey as an educator. The ABC of observation is another big learning for me as I have observed and engaged with children. It is Antecedent, Behaviour and Consequence. This will reveal more about the child, why he behaves the way he does, his emotional state and needs and the support that he requires, which he may not always be able to recognise or reach out for. This will help establish a deep,  meaningful and authentic connect between the child and me as an educator and will help in fostering intentional learning that is long standing.


Children have a myriad ways of expression and communication and the educator only needs to listen and listen deeply. Doing so will eliminate any kind of preconceived notions and judgements about the child , which all can hinder his development in all domains and disrupt the connect with the teacher, derailing learning. I have a deep understanding that Child - driven activity empowers the child, brings out his creative best, encourages investigation, curiosity, gives freedom of voice and choice and also enables self reflection in the child.


Children’s play reveals immense learning about their creativity, their strategies, their problem solving skills and resilience. Play is absolutely integral and a huge part of a child’s development. It develops social skills, leadership qualities and inventing capacity. It develops language skills, communication and expression. Outdoor play is a yardstick of physical development. Challenges and risks are taken which give a great deal of success and fulfilment for the child.